Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Still Trying Out Blogsy

So here I am trying a new iPad app called Blogsy. It is supposed to let you create a blog post off line and then you post it. The idea is that it saves on upload time and therefore money when in the wilds of Central Asia.

I have a sad occurrence to report. My Megado has broken down. It is the some of the relays which are at fault. So my deadline for submitting samples to the Fine Threads Study Group has just died. I have discussed the problem with Don Porritt and he is getting costs for me. If I sent the box of relays back to be mended, I would have to send it to Canada so shipping would be very expensive. So I have asked him to find out what the cost of a replacement box would be. In the meantime, tomorrow, I will remove the box from the Megado and see if a good clean up makes any difference. Unfair!!!

Now to try unloading photos into this trial blog. I walked on theCommon this afternoon in the spring sunshine. And then came home and took some photos of the garden.

The top photo is Camellia Cornish Snow which normally flowers from New Year to April. It started flowering a week ago!!! The lower one are some nice little daffodils. That will do for now.



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  1. Megado obviously upset about you going away! R



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