Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Four colour DW samples

Above is a photo of three samples woven on the 12 shaft looms of 4 colour double weave. Very nice and the colours are wildly different. I have no idea how you choose the colours except by sampling!!

I have nearly finished threading up the Megado and hope that I can start weaving today. Apart from the threading up, I have been busy getting ready for the Silk Route. I drove up to Manchester on Monday to pick up my passport plus China visa. I took in a member of the Midlands Textile Forum on the way home and delivered Castlemorton Common ready for hanging in the next MTF exhibition which is at Craven Arms. I originally intended to send in a second piece but that is not going to happen now. I have been making lists of what needs needs to be bought and did a massive shop on Sunday. I am going to a specialist shop in Leamington Spa to buy trekking stuff. 
Other news of interest - I was elected Chairman of Kennt Valley Guild last Saturday. Not at all sure about this and have started by thinking of taking a spinning course. I am borrowing a wheel as I have no intention of doing this alot. It is just that I don't know what the spinners are talking about!! And feel I ought to. We had a shared lunch at which the high point was Chris Fletcher's CakePops which were spheres of sponge cake on an icelolly stick and iced and decorated with spring flowers!! They looked fantastic and tasted like they looked!! They were very popular.
The yarn that I dyed last week was delivered over to Sue Davies, who will oversee the knitting and sewing up into a blanket. We laid it out on a table and were considering it when the locusts arrived . Everything was gone in minutes!! Later in the day I saw people winding  brilliantly coloured yarn into balls and starting to knit  six inch squares. For myself, Leslie Dunn has kindly volunteered to spin me some Hampshire but not till later in the year. Just as well!! I have 11 metres of 90/2 silk to weave.


  1. I love the samples! I am getting closer to warping up for 4CDW, in that the cones of yarn are now on the table. Planning to start with red, yellow, grey and purple in some combination.

  2. What amazes me how much the samples have the flavour of Turkish carpets.

  3. They do, don't they? Both in the motifs and the colours.



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