Thursday, 18 April 2013

Green and Gold Donsu

I am probably mad but then my readers have known that for a long time. Yesterday, I removed the Megado box of tricks (relays actually) with the help of a friend. I was not expecting to see the cause of my problems but we could see that ten years of dust and fibres was present.We very carefully removed what we could using very soft paint brushes. Louise was in favour of using the Dyson on it but I was not keen on that idea. Eventually we used a hair drier set to cold and about 12 inches away. When we thought we had done all we could, we replaced the control box - - - and it worked!!!

Last night was spent checking the warp and the loom and this morning I wove the first few inches of Donsu.


So am I mad? I have done a trial pack and it weighs 12 kg. Usually when I go on holiday I take good clothes. This time it is all ancient clothes I can discard along the way! I still have paperwork to see to.





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