Sunday, 23 September 2012

Studio Bling

On Wednesday morning, Cally Booker and I brought our notes and drafts from Bonnie Inouye's course up to date. Later that day we went to Dulles International Airport where Cally met her husband, Stuart, off a plane from Europe and they went off to explore the Applachians while I flew back to Heathrow. The next day, Thursday, is a blur. Friday I went to a class at Bournville mostly asleep. Saturday I woke up, realised the studio was a tip and set about finishing the studio curtains. There are five separate curtains and each has a separate lining. I had only made two curatins so there was quite a bit to do. However by Sunday lunchtime, I had finished.

This is one corner showing three curtains. The red and gold sari had a much more ornate pattern at one end for a blouse so that is by itself. All the curtains have been weighted.

And this is a shot of the window end of the studio. And now you can see what I mean by bling. The window seat was covered with cushions, mostly with handwoven covers in wool and they just do not go with curtains. The only one which looks okay is the one you can see in the right hand corner which just happens to be in songket from Kuala Lumpur. I have got a piece of mola work from Guatemala which I intend to make into a cushion and that would go with the curtains. And there is another piece of suitable material around but what about my lovely wool cushions!!! And I am going to make other changes in the studio this week. I could do with a notice board and I have two in the office where only one is used so the other one can be moved. But this does involve a lot of picture moving. I will have someone here on Tuesday who can help me with this.

At Complex  Weavers, there was a Silent Auction  on Friday evening and I bought a rather nice paper Chinese sewing kit. The photo on the left shows it with some of the compartments open.

And this is it closed. It is about four inches by 1.5 inches when closed.

I have done a lot of admin and am about to start on weaving Michael's remaining three enamels into a triple weave piece. I am not going away for any seriously long holidays until next April and I am looking forward to getting lots of projects finished.

Tomorrow a paper chest arrives. This will sit on a bench upstairs and hold all (I hope) my stash of special paper up to A2 for bookbinding. The A4 stash sits on shelves above the printers. I hope to be able to find things more easily and keep them safer when it is in place.    

Tomorrow I have four appointments including one with a lawyer to re-write my will.

There is an interesting article in this month's Garden (The Royal Horticultural Sociey's magazine) which says that everyone should realise that gardens are not static and need (occasionally) serious changes. When we moved into this house  26 years ago, the garden was badly designed and planted and mostly everything was swept away. Michael had brought with us a collection of miniature conifers which he planted all over the garden. Nothing was taller  than 3 feet. For the last ten years, I have been at him to have two taken out as they were next to each other and both over 20 feet and blocking the view. He would have none of it. I have had one taken out in the last year which opened up the garden so much that other one comes out this winter and a birch goes in their place. A less tall conifer which is very wide will come out this week. It is growing into the beech hedge and spoiling it. Several smaller conifers have already been removed. The gardener said sadly when we had finished taking four out, 'It hasn't made a lot of difference, has it?' which shows how crowded everything was. I am working on the principle that we take one plant out and live with the garden for a few weeks before taking the next plant out. 

There is room for a few more shrubs now although the bed under the new studio windows has been redesigned and partially planted up. Bourbon roses are going in there along with tulips (planted) and an edging of small hostas. The roses have been ordered for November delivery. I might go the RHS Autumn Show which is a mile away from the house and look for suitable shrubs.

I am off to check the drafts and thredaings for Michael's enamels now.

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  1. Hi, Pat,
    Those new curtains look very elegant!
    Cheers - Sandra



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