Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Here are a few rows of motifs to be made into cards. Each row will provide 10 motifs and I have six rows completed so far. I decided to do these first which was a better idea than I imagined because it enabled me to find and repair about seven errors, crossed threads and the like. And of course such correction does not wreck the whole row just one or two motifs.  These are about 2.5 inches square.

I have also learnt a thing or two about Diversified Plain Weave and spent some time late last night changing all the drafts to make the background look better although I can't see that improvement in the photo. The fishes were done this morning and the blue butterflies last night before the changes.

So I am pleased about this exercise. I will carry on with the card motifs for today and start on the serviettes tomorrow. The Megado is playing up a bit and I must check all the shafts before I set out on the major weaving exercise.

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