Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Calico Shoppers

Yesterday the carpets were cleaned - a very smelly process despite what they say. So I cowered in a room which was not being cleaned and repaired the Voyager. I am happy to say that it is now warped up again with an Overshot for Woven Shibori and I have woven a few inches to check it. This is not for me but for the rest of the class.

After the cleaners had departed. I finished off this shopper. I tie-dyed it at the Bourneville class some weeks ago and thought it would set off the Tall Bearded irises nicely and it does. These are done in Mola work. The purple is variegated and I dyed it some time ago. Although it cannot be seen in the photo, the shopper is lined with a cotton which was tie-dyed in red-brown when I dyed the Woven Shibori.

This shopper is a family joke and is for Anne. The picture is of Ruth's handbag and the other side is just the same. It is based on a photo I took in Brussels and a lot of processing in Photoshop was needed to get a clean image. It was printed on ARTVANGO's JETFX paper using my inkjet printer.

The local bank admits I have a valid complaint and it has all been escalated to the 'Complaints Department' with lots of apologies from the local branch. That is all very well but I don't care about an apology. What I want is the error to be corrected. I have to wait till Friday 3rd to get any more information. Oddly enough a friend tells me that someone in her family had exactly the same thing happen to her - at Barclays too.

I reviewed all the projects yesterday and have just realised that I need to get to grips with some posters for Kennet Valley. Maybe I will start today. But I am still fighting with various computers.  Doing the review has made me finish off various small jobs. I find that these days, I get up early between 5 and 6 but have run out of oomph/steam/get-up-and-go by five pm. So I have to be careful to do as much as possible at the start of the day.


  1. Good luck with the bank! What a horror story...

    (And yes, please, I'd like a picture. Here on your blog?)

  2. Love the "bag-on-a-bag" shopper! Good luck with the bank - I hope they get the error sorted soon.



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