Wednesday, 8 September 2010


On 8th August we bought (at great expense) a XEROX duplex colour  Laser printer Type 8560DN. It prints very nicely but it does NOT print duplex. In fact it seizes up on printing the second side. It then has to be switched off and on in order to clear the erroneous messages.

Obviously you call XEROX support. And you get someone who says that serial number belongs to someone in Greenock and I must provide proof that I own it.  So you FAX the invoice (with PAID stamped all over it) and wait and wait and wait. After two weeks you ring up the XEROX support centre again and get someone else who says it is sorted out and he will arrange an engineer to call. And you wait and wait - until today. I phone up. They STILL think the printer belongs to someone in Greenock and I get very stroppy.  So I have to email in documents saying who we are plus other data. This time I have a note of the name and  his email address.  What are the chances of getting an engineer soon? Low I would have said.

And the reason for posting this blog? DON'T EVEN THINK OF BUYING A XEROX PRINTER. They are great printers - when they work. I can live with simplex printing if I have to  but I paid £556.00 for the duplex facility and could have had simplex for a fraction of that cost. Bah!!!!

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