Sunday, 12 September 2010

Another Dyeing Day

Yesterday I set about dyeing in the garage. I have been asked for a purple scarf anf not having any purple in the stash, have dyed some. When this is finished, it will be purple!! This was all acid dyes. While these wool skeins were being steamed, I did some dyeing of calico with the Procion MX dyes left over from last week.

I can't complain about feeble colours this time. I used the Kemshall's method and it worked well.

I have also been playing with disperse dyeing which means painting paper with disperse dyes, letting the paper dry, cutting shapes out of the paper and ironing them on to fabric. The fabric was the polycotton which did not take the Procion at all well. It took the disperse dyes very well but I then wrecked the fabric. I thought that I would try gluing the pieces of fabric to a paper backing using PVA instead wheat starch paste. What I ended up with was the fabric stuck firmly and sandwiched between the paper and the backing board. Oh well. I can reproduce that and will. But not today. There is family coming.

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