Sunday, 19 September 2010

Busy Busy

I see it was Thursday when I blogged last. I had the weaving student round  that afternoon and  went to my class in Bournville on Friday morning. Can't think what I did the rest of Friday except get ready for Saturday.  I packed the car on Friday evening. Demo loom plus loom tools and yarn, large bag full of items to use as display on the Kennet Valley stand at Newbury Show, 2 handspun cushions and the green/blue 5-section warp scarf as entries for a class at the Show.

I got up at 0530 on Saturday and sped down to Newbury - except there wasn't much speeding as the M4 had been closed so I wound my way slowly through the countryside as the sun came up in a long convoy of similarly disadvantaged vehicles. Got into the Showground at ten to eight and parked in the Livestock area. Don't ask me why they sent me a ticket for the Livestock area but I wasn't complaining. As I got out of the car, I realised there must be alpacas at the Show - there were three lots being exercised within 50 yards of my car! Very pretty.

The show opened at 0800 and by mid-morning it was heaving. We were demonstrating in the Rural Crafts marquee. There were four spinners and one weaver and lots of questions. What was nice from my point of view is the chance to gossip. Some how that doesn't happen at Guild meetings. I spent a lot of time finishing the fringe on one of my scarves with plaited sections containing beads and sat peacefully next to two spinners to do that. Home by seven. 

What with all this activity, there are piles of un-put-away items everywhere there is a flat surface and so writing this blog is a displacement activity. Good joke from some friends  who are replacing their garage with two rooms. Husband said an important part of the specification to the architect is that  there must be no horizontal surfaces for his wife (who works from home) to put piles of paper on.  Oh well must get on.

But I did find time last night to do this which is a draft triggered off by the space dyed cotton yarn in brown and pink. Colours are only indicative. Two points both connected with the goose eye twill. I may have to sley the twill sections differently from the tabby and I will put the twill sections on the second warp beam. This is for 8 shafts and means that it has to be done on the Louet Kombo which actually has four beams with the extra two on the stand and  centrally placed below the loom. I usually have one of these as the cloth beam because the front cloth beam does not hold much

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