Monday, 20 September 2010

Purple Scarf

This is a sample for the purple scarf just off the loom. I had it sleyed at 20epi and this is not enough so I am going to resley it at 24epi. That will make it too narrow so I will add a border of violet yarn to each side.

I have been playing with Paisley patterns at the 'Creative Textiles' course. Apart from collecting lots of pictures, I have tried to producing some using some of the techniques (soluble fabric, Bondaweb) we are being taught.

The fabric is polycotton and is the stuff I tried unsuccessfully to dye, first with indigo, then with Procion. The result is that they look dirty and smudgy. I printed a Paisley Pattern in a flat colour on the polycotton using disperse dyes and used them as a basis for the embellishment.

I have kept notes of how each one was done but I have already decided that this soluble fabric lark is not for me. Looks too much like a badly made birds nest. Of these I like the top left one best followed by the bottom right one.

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