Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Thinking about Pictures

Today was bookbinding day and I sewed an A4 book together, made from handmade papers folded last week. I glued two cloth covers to paper. One worked and one didn't. So half an hour before closing time, there I was tearing the backing paper off. I had fused a dress lining to the material before sticking this to the paper, with the idea of protecting the outside from paste stains and giving the cloth some body.  This has always worked in the past but did not on this piece of cloth which is rather loosely woven. I took off the 'fusible' lining and put the cloth straight to the paper - which has gone on nicely and there are no stains.

Next week is the last day this term (Tutor is off to the Southern Hemisphere) so I aim to do a lot before next Wednesday.

I have been following   Alice Schlein's blog in which she talks about her TC-1. Why am I struggling to make pictures using the Megado when it can be done so much more easily using a TC-1? Well, it is big investment, I haven't exhausted the possibilities of the Megado for doing what it does well - yardage and where would we put a TC-1? Husband says 'you would have to get rid of the Megado?. I don't think so but I will think a lot before trying out more Vale of Evesham type weaving. It is quite a struggle and often does not work. For every one that I am halfway happy with, there are two or three which were ditched after an inch is woven or discarded when completed. Is this sensible? I ask myself.

Joke of the week. I am not at all keen on rodents. We once owned a mediaeval house which had rats - and, when they were gone, mice moved in. Timber-framed buildings are full of air holes to the outside world. Anything in the nature of scratching in the current attic or cellar is now greeted with alarm. So husband sits down for his morning coffee and says 'What have you done with all the mice?' and wonders why his wife turns ashen. I mentally reviewed the precints - house, garage, cellars, attic and don't recall seeing any signs of mice. So I ask and the answer is my husband was talking about the spare computer mice which I had tidied up some months ago and he wanted back. Talk about a fit of the vapours!!

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