Friday 27 November 2009

Donsu (2)

What's this? It came in a parcel yesterday.

Oh, it's my gold thread from Japan!! It is paper gold thread. A sheet of paper about 40 inches long and 24 inches wide has had gold leaf applied . It is then slit into sections each about 1 mm wide but the slits stop 1 inch in from each end so that the threads are held together tidily. This can be used as the warp for Naganishiki which Linda Bowden weaves (superb, stunning, gorgeous and very slow) or you can do what I am going to do with the thread which is to weave donsu (Polychrome damask) with the gold thread as weft.

Here is a picture of Linda Bowden's loom. You can see the  warp clearly and the lease and pickup sticks. This photo was taken by me at  a class at Tampa Bay Convergence 2008.  And the final weaving is amazing. I wish she had a blog or a web site so that you could look at more of her work. If you could only see it. Apart from anything else, it is flawless weaving.  You can see this thread used in  Kinran.

And now back to now. Bookbinding and dress-making call.

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