Sunday, 22 November 2009

Progress on New Project

I have finished the Christmas cards. The weft contains lots of lurex and sari silk with lurex in it and glitter in most of the yarn!  I did over 40 and they are all addressed, ready to go.

We have been away for the weekend in Leamington Spa. At least Michael stayed there. I went off by train with my youngest daughter, Anne, and her daughter, Maddie aged 10, and we met my other grand-daughter, Charlotte,  who is coming up to 17, in London on the first floor of Harvey Nicks!!! Well, where else would you take a fashionista like our Charlotte? So we inspected everything in H N's, had a late breakfast on the fifth floor and adjourned to Burberrys which is across the road. This was for me to find a new winter coat. The last one was bought in MaxMara in Dijon 8 or 9 years ago and is thread bare.  I was rescued by Charlotte in Burberrys. All the trench coats were only in sizes 8 and 10 and I was about to leave in despair when Charlotte suggested gently that they might have larger sizes in the stock room. Which turned out to be true. You select the style you want and they go and fetch the right size!!! And a size 16 fitted perfectly so happiness all round. We then adjourned to Harrods to have a good Lebanese lunch and Anne bought a jacket. Along the way, we acquired several more parcels and bags including presents for the menfolk.

On the train and in any spare time I had, I considered the problem of sorting out colours for the new project. On Friday last, I cut a set of 3 inch squares of watercolour paper and coloured each with the pastel I had matched to my yarn. It became apparent that this was a waste of time and I was not going to get anywhere using that technique. I wondered about cutting the 3 inch square up into much narrower strips but rejected that idea too.

So when we got home today, I took each cone of silk and matched the RGB colour using Photoshop, wrote down all the numbers and then set up these colours in Fibreworks. The result is below. The weft is entirely silver grey. The whole width of 25 inches is shown and it has the effect I am looking for. The draft shown is just a 32 shaft twill but in reality is very complicated.

Now to put a sectional warp with all these 10 colours in it! But first I must do some work towards my bookbinding class on Wednesday as I want to finish two books then. I need to do some dress making as well. Then there are buns to be baked for Kennet Valley Guild's Christmas thrash next Saturday. Just as well I have retired.

Michael bought The Woven Pixel  as my Christmas present and it arrived last Friday. Lots of good stuff in there. I am allowed to read it before hand but it has to be handed back on Christmas Eve - preferably in a clean state. It is going to need some attention.

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