Sunday, 4 October 2015

Still Moving

I suppose you can read the title several ways. I intended to indicate that I was still unpacking though there are only four boxes rleft and they are full of wine! My office looks normal, in other words, as exact a reproduction of the Malvern office as I can manage. The studio is looking more like a studio and less like there has just been a very good party in it. On next Thursday, the Megado is being reassembled and the end will be in sight.

But I am off on my summer hols next Saturday. An archeological tour of Pueblo Indian sites in SW USA, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley etc etc. I am so looking forward to it. But when I return, I will set about weaving. The first thing is some lace on the fan reed. I am way behind hand on this project.
There has been no textile work at all for more than three months.

I have however had a great time at the village camera club. Last week the evening was devoted to taking close ups of odd objects. I do not think any of mine will win in a competition but it was fun.

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