Sunday, 25 October 2015

USA Day 10

I have been home since last Wednesday but tidying up and sleeping so writing a blog was low on the priority list. I have now recovered from jet lag and am feeling refreshed so can face the getting down to it procedure.
Firstly Day 10 turned into a Frank Lloyd Wright Day. We stayed in the Arizona Biltmore on Monday night. This was designed by Wright in the early 30s. He is definitely good as designing public rooms. It is a stunning hotel.

From the top, a stained glass window  (about 8 ft square) in the entrance hall, a view of the entrance and the corner of a large carpet. We had our last evening's dinner there, the best meal we had in the States. Then it was off to see his Western home, Taliesin West, which is only a few miles away. After that, it was one last archeological dig and home to Heathrow.
I managed to buy myself a telephoto lens before Saturday and got up very early on Saturday morning to be at Petworth Park by 0800 am. A group of us led by Steve Walby looked at and for deer. The males are busy fighting just now. With lots of good advice, I managed to take some good photos (for me).

 And now it is back to sorting out the house. This week, the electrician return to finish off everything. Next week, all the windows in the house are being replaced with double glazed ones - and the decorator is in residence too. The gardeners seems to be in permanent residence. They came this week and renovated an entire bed so it is ready for replanting. A mixture of daffodil and tulips will go in as well as some small shrubs, probably heathers. Planting is my job.

Ruth and Robin came today to see what progress we are making. This resulted in a disagreement. They agree with Dorothy that my bedroom is a mistake because it has a metal filing  cupboard in it. They say it looks as though I am camping out in an office. I admit, it contains  a desk, a computer and an A3 printer and some filing drawers and a lot of Lever arch files on shelves as well as the aforesaid filing cupboard. But my view is that , as long as I don't mind, it can stay as it is. All I am getting is flack from all sides. Bah!


  1. Your bedroom is your castle: put whatever you like in it, I say! 😊

  2. Your photograph of the two deer is stunning. And I agree - it's your bedroom.



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