Monday, 26 October 2015

Megado Trouble

Before I went to the States, my son-in-law came over for an afternoon to help ( in truth I "helped", he did) reassemble the Megado. We got it mostly together before giving up as we were missing some bolts. Later that day, I returned to the pile of bits and assembled every piece of it to see what else was missing and the answer was only those two bolts. So I asked at the local DIY shop and they had some but the wrong size and told me the shop to visit in Reading. Today we made an expedition into Reading to visit it. Visits into Reading are not undertaken lightly given the traffic. When we got there and showed a man one of the missing bolts, there was much sucking of teeth and shaking of heads. Anyway they did not have one that size. 'But you will get one on the web' Well maybe but it helps if you know what the thing's name is. After poking  around for an hour, I discovered its name and found photos of it so I knew I had got hold of the right thing. It is a 'M8 cross dowel barrel nut (offcentred)'  and I have bought 10. I feel quite triumphant. 

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