Monday, 23 March 2015

Tired Out

The weekend was very exhausting. Though the Jew of Malta was not as blood-boltered as I expected. Yes, lots of people died, swords, hanging, poisoned and dropped into boiling oil but there was no attempt as any physical signs on stage. people just lay down and squirmed once or twice. I could tell you of productions of Lear which were, quite frankly, sickening. But I don't think much of the play. Yes the language is magnificent but the characters all keep changing their minds and bumping off someone else, usually a former friend.
By the time I had driven to Halesowen and back on Sunday morning to deliver the Coptic Shroud, I had had enough and had the rest of the day off, doing very little indeed.
I made up for it today by doing lots of paperwork and preparing the documentation for the Guild Black Jack round which we did last November.  Not everyone has handed their write-ups and samples in but I have dealt with everything I have received. That took all day.
At 5 pm, I watched the second webinar from Daryl Lancaster. It was all about fit. It contained lots of tables about sizes which it was impossible to take notes on. I wonder if it would be possible to print out the Powerpoint presentation. We do get access to something on the web in a day or two. I must have a look at it.

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