Thursday, 19 March 2015

Final Coptic Shroud

The Coptic Shroud - finally. The wool belt is stitched to the linen tunic at the back and the whole tunic is stitched down to black foamboard. At the top of the back, a piece of wood is glued into which two eye hooks have been screwed. All ready for hanging. I will deliver it on Sunday.

In fact I have managed to finish quite a bit this week. The reversible tweed warp is wound on to the Megado and I just need to tie on. The warp looks nice. It remains to be seen how many broken threads I have created. The piece of fabric woven from the Aland Islands yarn has been cut up and sewn into a jerkin. Not quite finished as I have to knit the sleeves yet. By the way, I have discovered that Aland Island sheep are Finnish Landrace sheep.

On the bookbinding front, David Copperfield has been polished with neatsfoot oil - very smelly. And I have started on binding an album, commercially made with lots of guard pages.

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