Tuesday, 10 March 2015


On 28th March, the Midlands Textile Forum will be hanging an exhibition which will contain my Coptic Shroud. It has been pinned up at the end of a corridor for some weeks where I can see it often. I have acquired two sheets of black foam board for the exhibition mounting.  BUT - - -  I have been very dissatisfied with the shroud. I can see why. The belt is four inches wide like the clavicles, after all it was woven from the same warp and that is too wide but, more seriously, it is not long enough. So I have dropped everything and am weaving a new belt. The clavicles were woven on the Megado using 22 shafts and, as you all know, I am currently tying a warp on to a ghost warp so there remains the Meyer with twelve shafts. I realised that, if I wove only the centre pattern of the clavicles, it would be the right width of two inches and it would only need 12 shafts so that is what happened Sunday and Monday. I warped up with 3 yards of warp and started weaving yesterday. Of course with 12 shafts in play and every second throw a tabby, changing shafts is slow. In other words I am going to have to weave flat out on this to get it completed by this weekend.
The interesting thing about it is that it is much nicer looking than the clavicles! There is the difference of the looms of course but I think it is due to using a different  warp yarn which is more of a grey/cream than the first one which has a definite yellow tinge. And the new one is thinner. Whatever  causes it, it looks very much nicer.  
In between times for relaxation, I tie some more on to the ghost warp! I have promised myself that the next piece of weaving will be something very easy and in a medium thickness yarn, not an invisible one.

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