Monday, 31 March 2014

More of the Same

I am still sorting out software but have also been preparing for the MTF Exhibition at Nature in Art. Lots of paperwork but also five African trees finished aqnd off the loom. I will be finishing these off during the week.

On Saturday, a friend gave me three sheets copied from a book of weaving drafts. This book is in a County Record Office. To say he (or she?) used shorthand is a euphemism. My problem is that I am not certain I know which is warp and which is weft. The three drafts looks plausible when I put them in to Fibreworks. But it would help if I knew what Dright meant. It looks like a capital D to start but I could be persuaded that it started with a capital P. It is in English. The titles are

- Velveteen Single
- Barragons (Comment on sheet 'two in a reed'
- Marorony Ore- -  (Comment on sheet 'Diced Thickset' and 'Tread them thus, then change'. Change to what?

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  1. Change to what, indeed! And what are Barragons, and what or who is Marorony Ore? A puzzle. Okay, partly solved: Wikipedia says of Barragon "Barragon is a light corded cotton for summer wear. It was particularly popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries." You're on your own for Marorony, as all I got was something about Muslim matrimonials...



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