Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ghost Warps

Sandra Rude's latest blog talks about the use of a single black warp which is very long and changing the treadling and colour of the weft. My last warp lasted through a lot of projects. The next three projects can be grouped together too. I have to weave two blankets from handspun and then a length of fabric from handspun. But if I put on a ghost warp in white cotton with a straight draw on 32 shafts, then I can check the threading and use it to weave a folded double cloth to get six foot wide blankets. I do not think it matters if the fabric is 72 inches wide rather than 36 inches. So I can start winding the ghost warp, now that I have decided what to do.

Today, I started on the second African tree. I have got past the sandy foreground and am about to do the background trees. So I have painted the warp green. Of course I had no actual green so mixed some. It looked fine in the pot but looks too blue on the warp. The weft will be dark green so I am hoping it will be okay. Now waiting for the paint to dry. This means returning to the table loom every ten minutes and wiggling all the shafts to make sure adjacent threads do not stick to each other.

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