Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ever Decreasing Circles

On Thursday I decided that I had to ignore completing my jacket and get on with preparing for teh weekend. So I warped up the Meyer with bamboo/cotton in chocolate, mint and raspberry stripes. By 11pm I had wound on about 4 metres of the warp and by 9 am on Friday, I had it completed. Threading will be done next Monday when the tutor gives me the draft.

I went into deepest Herefordshire later to look at a venue the Midlands Textile Forum is going to use. It is a large secondhand bookshop in a couple of barns in a very small village. Interesting! And intersting books too. It is called Aardvark Books.

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for a Guild Day which is today and collecting everything needed for the Association Summer School which starts tomorrow (Sunday). I had to get up early this morning because I am running an indigo vat today and needed to make up some more indigo mix ready for use this morning. A fine thing  - to be in the garage cooking up chemicals at 0630am! It is a lovely morning and I walked round the garden and realised

that the campsis is in glorious flower all over the south wall and the roof.

Here is a close up. Each flower is four inches long. And also

one of the hollyhocks is black! A red black I grant you but that is only obvioys if you peer at it closely.

This is what happens in you turn the four colour double weave in black and white in both warp and weft. It looks slightly better if red and white are used in the weft.

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