Thursday, 29 August 2013

End of Summer School

The Summer School is over and I am back home with a huge list of things to do, mostly leading up to going to Africa next Sunday. So I inspected the clothes I want to take, putting them to be dry cleaned,washed or as is. Two loads of washing have been done and a lot of tidying up. I have not unpacked the stuff from the course as I must mend an error or two in someone else's warp. I brought it back from Guild eight days ago and would like to return it (mended, of course) before I leave.

I learnt a few new techniques at the course by Laura Thomas. False leno, a technique which involves incorprating random skips into tabby which produces a nice textured effect and a bit of fulling. The photo below shows my samples after being put through Laura's washing machine at 60 degrees. They have shrunk by 50%. The effect is rather nice and I will try this again to which end I bought some of the same lambswool as Laura uses.

The draft is of three blocks and floats of lambs wool have been created which, when washed and shrunk, pull the bamboo/cotton warp up. I like the one at the bottom best. I threw a weft of bamboo/cotton with every weft of lambs wool so that is pulled up into little loops. It feels really soft.



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