Thursday, 28 March 2013

Final Castlemorton Common

Above is Castlemorton Common  and the Malvern Hills completed. Machine embroidery has been added as well as a stencilled rook and the pollarded black poplars. I worried about the back and the edges, thought about putting bias binding down the edges but was bothered by what colour to use. Eventually I steam ironed the edges, put black bias binding on the ends (which are folded out of sight anyway) and added iron-on black lining. They are all folded over the wooden batten and stapled down. The fabric is heavy and hangs well by itself. Using clasped weave with thick yarn does make the selvedge bulge.
I spent several hours on the computers yesterday and persuaded Bacchus and the lap top to speak to each other. I should explain that every computer we ever owned (except the current laptop) was given the name of a Classical god/goddess - here's the sting - who appears in an opera!! Possibly the most entertaining was a pair of identical laptops called Castor and Pollux. Sadly they were used for work and, when they got past it, were removed and destroyed. The current lot are Bacchus and Vulcan on Windows XP and Apollo and Diana which are Linux. Orpheus in the Underworld is a good source of names!! Iris and Neptune have died in the last year.
Mind you, I know a Government Department where the computers are named after cheeses. 'Stinking Bishop' anyone? I remember having to tell someone that 'Wensleydale is not booting up properly'. The answer was 'I think you had better use Cheshire'.


  1. In the first computer department I worked at, they had names from the Norse mythology... maybe all (most?) programmers are a bit ... nerdy?

    1. That's a good one! It's not a topic people talk about much. I wonder what else has been used.

    2. The servers where my partner works are all named after Disney characters. I've gotten used to hearing: Goofy crashed.

    3. When Stuart was working with Paul Smith at Dundee their SUN workstations were all named for alcoholic drinks. Stuart had Drambuie, I think Paul's was Shiraz.

  2. The Castlemorton pieces have turned out really wonderful. I like the stenciling and thread/fiber additions, which really show the seasons clearly. Nice work!



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