Sunday, 24 February 2013

Still Sunburnt

It is taking a long time for my skin to get better but it is definitely improving. People greet me with 'Have you been using a tanning bed?  - which shows you what I look like. I stayed away from the Megado under the lights all last week but I did warp up the Voyager and have woven a fair bit on that - wearing a visored cap which says DIAMOND on it. My grand-daughter still thinks this is hysterically funny. But it works. Yesterday(Saturday) I went back to the Megado plus visored cap and did a couple of hours weaving. I have borrowed four ski shuttles and progress should be faster. I can't remember the last time I worked with five shuttles!! The problem is that the weft colour changes every four picks and it is waste of handspun, not to mention mending time, to break the yarn at each change so all the yarn is being taken (tidily) up the right hand selvedge. To keep everything under control, I put the not-in-use shuttles on top of the castle and clip all the yarns together using a clothes peg which is tied firmly to the castle. This is a great improvement.
Other things this week? I went into Redditch hospital (NHS nice and friendly) to have my gullet inspected again. They were checking that the medication worked  and it has done. So they want to see me again in two years.  But it did wipe out two whole days of  the week.
Today I must finish off the Hockney changes. The Hockney was mounted on three stout wooden frames which proved to be a pest for storage and transport. Only one or two people had cars big enough to transport them. So it was decided (by Rosie Price) that they should be taken off the frames, have the backs tidied up and a hanging sleeve installed. Then  they could all be rolled up, put into one bag and stored/transported much more easily. I volunteered to do one of the three and it has to be finished for next Saturday. I have hand stitched down both sides, installed Velcro on the bottom edge and hand stitched that into place. Just the sleeve at the top to do.
Well, can't hang around here gossiping.   

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