Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Severe Case of Sunburn

The weather is cold, temperatures are around 0 to 5 Centigrade. And yet I am plastering my face with creams to deal with 'sunburn'. This has been caused by sitting at the Megado for hours under the blazing halogen lights. Yes, it is nice and bright around the Megado but I can't have this. So I have re-angled all the spot lights and propose to wear a visored cap when I weave. The cap has been acquired from my grand-daughter who thinks it is very funny. The other solution is weave only during the day when there is plenty of day light. I tried that yesterday and it worked. I have never heard of anyone being afflicted this way. I would be interested in hearing of anyone else who has met this problem.
I am getting along with the handspun weaving on the Megado and it is looking good. But it is clearly not going to be finished for another week or two. There are other weaving projects I must complete in the next  few weeks and so I took the ikat off the Voyager because it is not good enough.I thought I had got the warp all nicely squared up but obviously not. I will try again in June when all the deadlines have been met.
I have rewarped the Voyager with 2/20 cotton to do some Tied Weave samples for the Complex Weavers Tied Weaves Study group. I have decided to study Quigley weaves this year. I read all I could find about them which is not a lot. And I created lots of fancy drafts but they all suffered from having floats which were too long. So I have settled on something less artistically challenging  where the floats are respectable at 5 threads in a warp set at 30epi.
And then of course there is weaving to be done for the Midlands Textile Forum.

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  1. Tien Chiu described how she uses LED strips - http://www.tienchiu.com/2011/05/he-lights-up-my-life-and-my-loom/
    Maybe the idea can be used?



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