Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Few Projects Completed

Yesterday was back to  the bookbinding class. I am doing the next Coptic Binding (No 2) in Keith Smith's Volume 3 (ISBN 0-9637682-4-7). The cover (back and front) is cut from a heavy-duty paper shopper from a  Department Store in Kyoto.

The end papers, which match the covers are from thinner paper which was used to wrap each purchase at the same Department Store.

The paper inside the book is a mixture of cartridge paper and paper brought back from Japan. This one is a paper table mat!!! Only two paired sections have been sewn so far. That took me most of the afternoon. It does look nice and is definitely better than Smith's No 1. Lots of recycling happening here.

Yesterday I got back my Coptic binding using old maps. It has been on display in the College over the summer and my tutor, Anna, told me that it had been much admired. She ran a bookbinding Summer School at the College and has had to promise to teach Coptic binding next year!! She was very complimentary about the design.

 I have embellished the coral fabric I created in September, beads and angelina as well as some embroidery. I do not want to add too much more and will take it to Bournville tomorrow to see what the others think.

I am not too happy about producing all these pieces of fabric which are cluttering up the house. I have decided that I must sell some of weaving at the Guild Christmas day. That means I have to have a major clean out upstairs. Any of Rabbit's Friends and Relations who fancy a specific piece should speak now.
This fabric was also created in September and I have added two jelly fish. Now what I ask myself? Also I do not like The left hand underneath bit of the central jellyfish and I think I will have to unpick it and move it to the left.

I have managed to finish off a lot of minor jobs. One important job was checking on the acid dye supplies as I am running a class in 10 days time. I need to re-supply stock solution of 14 different dyes, 13 of which I have in the house. So  I have ordered the Bright Kelly Green from Fibrecrafts and will settle down to making up the dye solutions over the weekend. I thought about starting today but it is dark , damp and cold in the garage today.

I have ironed (to set the dyes) and washed all the fabrics I brought back from Committed to Cloth and they are hanging up in the garage to dry. I put the drop cloth I used last week through the machine, ironed it and hemmed the ends. 

What else? The builder and a man came about the windows and all sorts  of decisions were taken, like exactly what size the windows will be and where the window seat will run.  And what sort of storage under the seat. This work will not be started until after Christmas. The seat will have a spectacular view of the garden and the work will be finished before spring.

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