Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thursday is Dyeing Day (2nd Installment)

These are the three pieces of calico dyed with black  Procion MX (and red and yellow) The one on the right had the strongest dye solution. All were left in a nice warm place for 4 hours. After rinsing, I put them through the washing machine at 60 degrees along with some bath towels. Then ironed them dry.

Any of these would be suitable for what I have in mind - which is a cover for A Christmas Carol.

A few sewing trials are now required!

I have finished weaving the Summer and Winter flower towel and have started on the next one which is odd but nice. I will post a photo when I have done a bit more.


  1. Hi, Pat,
    It looks as if you've gotten closer to black with the darkest piece. With LWI, you'll always have some places that don't receive their full share of dye molecules, so I hope you're satisfied with some grey areas in the cloth. You might do one more test, and double the amount of dye powder yet again (you might need to use warm water and some urea to get it to dissolve properly).
    -- Sandra

  2. Thank you for your advice. As you can see, it worked! Now for the next stage.



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