Sunday 7 February 2021

Writing in My Head

 I create blogs in my head while doing other things. But they do not get onto the computer! So can I remember my wonderful pieces of literature? Not likely.

I have finished the fourth scarf in a fancy twill. I need to hem it and cut the last two scarves off the loom and then tidy up and wind another warp, based on Daryl Lancaster`s striped fabric. But the draft will be sort of twill, an 8 shaft one from Oelsner and it is sort of undulating twill. I have it in mind to finish this by the end of February and then I am going to roll up my sleeves and finish the remaining 7 yards of Lampas curtains. And this is only because I want the Megado for a major project (4 colour double weave) for the Guild exhibition this autumn.

I have done other things. I had a go at reduction printing in linocut. Registration is all in reduction printing. You need to be very accurate when you place the second colour, like quarter of a millimetre. The reason for using such a method to use more than one colour. But I can use other methods, not least using coloured paper to print on! So I have designed an A5 size one on the London Skyline. Actually I might call it Vauxhall. 

I have had a fine time excavating all the different sorts of paper I have. Quite disgraceful that there is such a lot.  ( i had decided to pack it in when 90. I have just added 10 years to that to get through this mountain of paper. 

 Anyway, I easily lose track of what is where. So I created a list on Excel. And found various useful things! One lot  of heavy paper I have turned into an album for linocuts. I already have one but I have got to the last page. It is a proper album with spacers  at the spine to accommodate the thickness of all the linocuts The first one is landscape A4 and so this one is - - sort of. To allow for the stubs, you need the paper to be not 21 by 30 cm but 21 by (about) 34 cm. And blow me, I found 14 sheets of 28 by 33cm. I rather think it was bought in Kuala Lumpur and is Chinese paper. I obviously bought a load of stuff in the East.

The print class is not functioning just now and the College has substitute a day`s Zoom course. Everyone in the class is turning and we are doing all sorts of arty thing. Good for me. I have never done anything like this.

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