Monday, 22 February 2021

G G Hornby

 My father acquired a book of pen and ink drawings of Edinburgh sometime during his life. I do remember that he took some of the drawings and had them framed, although what has happened to those I do not know. The book ended up with me after my parents deaths. It was in a sad way. Because so many had been removed, the spine was wrecked and the covers dirty and in a bad way. 

I have just finished redoing the binding completely. Since all the pages were loose sheets, I created an album ad each sheet is attached using double sided sellotape. There was no way I could use the cover but by scanning and cleaning up the title page, I made have a passable front cover. The old new versions are shown below. It was taken on my phone so quality not good

Now to warp up the Shacht with a very stripey warp with an Oelsner draft.

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