Monday, 30 July 2018


I am at West Dean Summer School doing a week on photography. I thought it would be a good thing after a year with the OCA. Instead I have just exploded at Dorothy who is also here doing a class on painting which has including en plain aire. She complained about that. It seems it was rather windy at the seaside. My complaint is that everything is running behind time and I am bored. As Debbie will tell anyone, I get angry when I am bored. We went to Chichester today and I enjoyed that. I suspect that the problem is that, having spent a year with OCA I have developed a filing system and method for dealing with photos on the computer and have got very efficient. I do have a procedure which I follow rigorously. Oh well. Tomorrow we are off to the races at Goodwood. Horses, bookies, watchers, jockeys. It promises to be a good day. And I must buy some print paper from the shop here.

In the morning, I intend to spend my time in the walled garden here and use the macro lens. I need the laptop to show you photos and it is locked up downstairs. I will put in some photos in the next blog.

And in case you were wondering, Jerry and Tom have gone for a week’s holiday with Julia, the dog sitter. They will enjoy themselves enormously. We are having problems with him just outside the house. We live at the end of a cul de sac and our road is very steep. He has never walked down it until Thursday. Then he spotted the refuse lorry there and set off to visit. When he realised I was after him, he went into greyhound mode which much faster than I can run. When I caught up, the refusemen were making a great fuss of him and he seriously objected to being carried home. I wanted to put him in my car on Friday. Instead he made a dash for freedom — down the hill as fast as possible. I had realised this was likely and headed him off. Since then he is clearly looking to head down the hill to those lovely strangers and I am making it just as clear that he ain’t going that way.

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