Friday, 25 May 2018

Completing a Few Projects

Surprise,surprise, I have just realised I have completed three projects recently. Two are bookbinding, one weaving. The weaving is interesting because it ended up different from my expectations. This is the first piece woven on the Schacht. It is a good bit of weaving even if I say it. This is because of the Schacht. I cannot make a single shaft error which is all too easy with a table loom and the Louet Kombo was never very sturdy. Anyway, having decided on the weft as a brown Shetland and merino, I wove 2.5 meters. I have left enough warp to tie on a new one (see below). No errors to correct!! just a few ends to cut off or sew in. But then I decided to wash it in the washing machine. Now normally I wash by hand but my sister thought I should try the machine. It shrunk 20% in both width and length but the fabric is very nice for a jacket - I doubt if it will fray!
This is me trying to make a more interesting photo than usual for a finished length of fabric.
I have decided to try this again with a single colour warp. I have found 600 gms of lilac yarn, cashmere and cotton, which is the right grist. This was clearly dyed by me as my records say it was white when bought. I will use the same weft as I have 650 gms of that left. And I should get 4.5 meters out of it which will make a jacket. I have a bare two meters of the finished length and it is now rather narrow at 22 inches but I could cut pockets and collar from the current length if there is a shortage on this second one. The next length will be washed by hand!!

The other two projects completed are books.
The first is to be entered in the bookbinders show in August. It is a set book about North Norfolk coastal villages. Cover designed and made by me.

The second one is me practising making a miniature book though mine is technically not a miniature. That has to be less than three inches and mine is a smidgeon over as you can see from the ruler..

Jerry progresses in vigour if not in manners. He has a shoe fetish and has stolen a visitor's shoes and taken them into the garden. He also nearly managed to 'escape' out the front door but was deftly caught by a delivery man.

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