Saturday, 6 August 2016

Convergence III

I attended a class on Art Journalling today. I have this feeling that I am not a proper artist unless I keep a sketch book full of brilliant ideas for future projects. I have several sketch books which have the first few pages full of mediocre drawings and ideas which have been abandoned. I am not quite sure what I am expecting from these sketch books but whatever it is, I am not appreciating it (them?). My ideas for weaving seem to appear unheralded from thin air. I can even remember where some of them appeared.  For instance, the Association some years ago announced that they wanted contributions which would fit into a CD case and it was to be based on a song. I thought of all the operas I knew but no inspiration appeared and I got quite annoyed about the whole idea. Then one day I was driving home and turned the corner to cross the River Severn when the thought came. It does not have to be opera, it could be a musical say South Pacific and I had six songs sorted out ten minutes later when I got home.

But that does not help with the sketch book idea and I could do with some ideas for dealing with my stash. Perhaps I should approach it that way. Get out some problem skeins and ask myself why and what I should do with them

 To return to today. After a very good Italian dinner, we went to the Complex Weavers show, Complexity. Lots of lovely things but the jackets could have done with being on mannequins or at least a decent coat hanger. And some things had not travelled well and badly needed a pressing.

My favourite is the last photo.

Tomorrow I start the long haul home. Milwaukee to Atlanta to Heathrow. I do not have much time to change flights. Less than an hour so I hope I make it.

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  1. I really liked the middle one, when I saw it at CW Seminars. I'm going to try something along those lines - designing panels that overlap so that when framed, they match along the sides. Also, met and enjoyed talking to the weaver who made the top one (senior moment, can't think of her name...).



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