Friday, 13 May 2016

Still Confined to Barracks

My laryngitis is still with me  but I have managed to do all sorts of odd jobs. I set about the overlocker and completed the red velvet top - - - which I do not like.
This is not my style and there is no way I would repeat this with my beautiful black velvet. The red velvet was dyed by me and was always intended as a dry run  for a length of black velvet overprinted with an Art Deco pattern in gold. The red is completed unstructured. The black will be backed with iron-on lining everywhere and I have ordered a Burda pattern which looks vaguely kimono-like. No difficult armscye and no darts.

I turned out more fabric yesterday and the dining room is deep in piles of woven fabric. I have a lot of 30-40 inch lengths, 8-10 inches wide in various weaves. Four totally different ones in four colour double weave and others in silk donsu. So lots of bags will be made. I did make a cushion cover out of the remnants of red velvet. And found several wall hangings made for the Midlands Textile Forum. Two are worth keeping, the rest will be binned. But now I am worrying because one (rather nice) is missing.

This afternoon I gardened which I can do for an hour and a half now. I think I am getting better!!!!


  1. Too bad you're petite. I kinda like that red velvet top, but there is no way it could fit me if it fits you...
    Glad you're feeling better. I hope the laryngitis recedes quickly. And enjoy that garden!

  2. The red jacket looks good. I love red! But I can't help but wonder how you iron on a lining to velvet without crushing it? Or perhaps that is the look you are going for? Should be interesting.



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