Friday, 10 July 2015

Moving day

Or rather, first moving day. I have to be out of here by 1400 hours on Monday. The removal men are in full residence and I am keeping out of the way. Every now and then, I suddenly remember that they might have packed an item I did not want packed and there is much searching in boxes. They have been here since 0800 hours and intend to do 70% of the packing by close today. Several of the rooms are now empty (1430). They were very dismayed by the number of books. I pointed out that I had shown the estimator round the house. Nevertheless they had to phone base in Gloucester and get someone to bring more boxes. I have put lots of stuff in my car to keep it out of the way. And there is more to  put in.

All sorts of things have been uncovered. There are very nasty stains on the sitting room carpet and they look to have gone right through to the back of the carpet. There is an unrecognised sheet of green glass which the removal men say came from a table. ?? Did it really? I remember no green glass anywhere.The Megado came apart yesterday and is packed in the van. The bookcases came apart eventually. The garden furniture is currently being packed up.

Oh and we had a serious problem with the big table. I have a very heavy oak table with extension leaves. We bought it for one pound more than thirty years ago and I had it professionally French polished. It seats twelve with ease. Well, the removal men started by taking the front door off its hinges. Then summoned me and asked how we got it in. We eventually worked out that the front door was replaced when we had double glazing put in. So they dismantled it by unscrewing bits. I only hope that it can go together again. 

It looks as though I am going to be living very oddly over the weekend!

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