Thursday, 9 July 2015

An Enraged Old Lady

To recap on the house saga, my sister and I are buying a house together. She has sold her house in Dundee and left it and has been living with me for the past 7 weeks. I have sold my house and leave here next Monday. Last Monday we were told that we could not have the new house until 13th August -  maybe. And we snapped. Dorothy went off and trawled the web for houses and found one which sounded promising. On Tuesday we went to see it in the morning. We asked questions and went off to my daughter Ruth in her new house and had lunch, returned to the estate agent who had all the answers and bought the house. He says 4 weeks to completion. I am assuming a bit more than that. Withdrawing the offer on the first house has resulted in all sorts of phone calls which did not improve my temper.
In addition Wednesday we managed to get both the Megado and the bookcases half disassembled which means the house looks awful and to add to our woes we have a serious wasp problem. The exterminator was here on Saturday but we still have a problem. We did manage to find another wasp nest yesterday and the exterminator returns today.
Ruth's new house is quite something. It is Grade II listed, Victorian red brick with twiddly bits, about 1850. The garden needs attention but the house is delightful, 3 floors and a semi-basement, a kitchen to die for. It has four ovens in a 2 by 2 configuration, one steamer, one microwave, two proper ovens. Balck marble everywhere and the fanciest opening cupboards and drawers I have ever see. There is a central island in white marble!
In the meantime my biggest worry is what to take with me next week. All my belongings are going into store and I need to be sure I take everything I need for trips abroad with me. I have made a huge list and need to collect everything together. I have bought one of these small metal filing boxes to put the files in. But I can see me turning up at Heathrow and some official saying 'where is your XXXX?' and me saying 'in store in Gloucester'. Clothes do not matter. They can always to bought but it is the paperwork that bothers me. The removal men move in tomorrow (Friday) and I need to have this sorted out by then.
I am taking the Meyer 12 shaft with me. I will need something to do in the next few weeks, apart from holidaying abroad. So I have created an interesting twill. selected the yarns printed out details and dumped the whole lot as well as everything for the Summer School at Ruth's house where I will be for the next few weeks.


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  1. What an adventure - I hope everything goes smoothly with your new, new house.



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