Sunday, 12 July 2015

Halfway Through the Dismantling

The removal men were here on Friday and swept up all sorts of things. Mostly I got out and packed in the car what I need but I was not quick enough for some things, for example, the yarn needed to finish the weaving on the 12 shaft Meyer  and my bobbin winder. I shall have to borrow some from Rosie Price. I have already taken some stuff to Ruth's house and maybe it is there - - - but I think it is now in store in Gloucester. Half the house contents have gone and I am living in chaos for the weekend. Also they have packed all the rubbish in the garage which was to be taken to the tip!! I am living in two (untouched) rooms and will finish my packing today. I intend to put everything by the car early tomorrow so they do not pack that.
One entertaining bit is that the foreman was dismayed when shown round the house. I could not quite see why. It turned out that no one told him about the number of books we have. He had brought 30 boxes and it was not enough so he obviously phoned HQ and someone appeared with a van load of book boxes - 200 in all. When they left on Friday, which they had to do at 1500 hours because they had run out of van space, they had packed 150 boxes of books! And they were not finished. They have to be out by lunchtime on Monday so they are bringing twice as many removal men and two big vans!! I spent Friday keeping out of the way and will spend Monday the same way.
I had not realised that how awful it was not to have access to my books. Reduced to watching television!!
Today I need to pack my clothes. And collect the last pieces of paper. Then this afternoon I am going over to Anne's in Leamington Spa with some stuff for her. I meant to take her some wine but the men have packed all that. This evening I having supper with a friend.
Dorothy took her self, her luggage and the animals over to Northampton on Friday early and will stay there till we move into the new house which is really much better than the Reading house. We had discovered some weeks ago that the Megado would not fit in the house without occupying an entire room. As a result, we decided that we would have to build a room for it in the garden which was not cheap.  The house we are now buying is much bigger - 700 sq ft more space. It is more expensive but the cost is less than the Reading house plus garden loom room plus conservatory which we do not need now. And instead  trying to work the optimum room usage, we have two large rooms one above the other which we will have as studios, one each. They are 24 by 12 ft (downstairs) and 20 by 12 ft upstairs. And we still have four bedrooms, two reception and a whopping big kitchen/diner. The kitchen floor is ceramic tiles and is to die for.  The garden, by the way, is a reasonable size and smaller than the Reading house. It needs attention. The house did have tenants in it - who have left recently  and the owner had intended to send in gardeners but we told him not to waste his money because we would be altering it. So he is on our side already!
What else? It is on an estate and was built in the 90s. The main bedrooms are big and the two smaller ones are very respectable in size. The smallest can easily take twin beds. Because it is on an estate, it is much safer for the dogs and cat and there are a lot of copses and woodland near by to walk in.
I have not mentioned the desktop which cracked up on Thursday. The hard disk has gone to the great rubbish tip in the sky. Thank goodness for Dropbox. So I am operating on a laptop and the iPad. I have decided I need to take the defunct desktop with me - just in case. I have not managed to connect the laptop to the printer but I have managed to connect the printer to the iPad. So things are reasonably okay. I hope I survive another 10 years because I do not fancy moving again any time soon. I have to admit that every move I have previously done was a lot less traumatic that this one.

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  1. You have my sympathies - moving house is not any fun at all!



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