Sunday 28 June 2015

While staying at Leamington Spa, I have made great progress with the lampas. See sample below
There is a sleying mistake in this which I have corrected and am well on the way with a long piece. I can home for the weekend bringing Alex and I have created two more drafts and printed out the liftplans so that I can weave some more tomorrow.
I watched Laura Fry's new video again and this time made notes. For years I have been aware that I do not warp up economically and the latest carry on  with the Meyer has convinced me that I need to take steps. Firstly Laura Fry's demonstration loom is a floor loom which does not have a solid castle. Both the Megado and the Meyer have. The Megado now has lighting installed so threading is no longer such a chore but the Meyer is too small and too enclosed for that. What was interesting was that Anne's kitchen which is flooded with sunshine was a trouble free spot to warp up the Meyer. In other words the lighting needs to be carefully considered. When I had the big window inserted in the studio, I had spotlights, 8 of them, installed. They are not much good.  I have a 500 watt halogen which is floor mounted but it is difficult to get that angled properly. In other words, lighting in the new studio is going to receive some careful attention. Also instead of using a Louet-type raddle, I intend to get another Toika raddle. I hate Louet raddles and I have a big Toika raddle for the Megado. But I always finish up with lease sticks hanging off the back of the loom with string. Laura Fry has something called a lease stick holder which is clearly very functional. They come from Purrington looms in the States and I will send for one as soon as we move into the new house. And I am convinced that using a warping mill is not a good idea and that a frame is better. The  Leclerc one will do 13 yards which is enough. Anything longer goes on the Megado with the AVL warping mill. You might think that, at my age, all this is not worth it. But I reckon I have ten years weaving ahead of me. And this way, I will get more weaving done.

The news on the house front is that from 13th July we will be homeless and my furniture in store. Not sure when we will get into the Reading house. We have been looking at other houses but nothing suits so well as the Reading house. The major trouble looming is that I have various trips arranged between mid July and end August. And I have no intention of cancelling any of them.

One big problem is the plants. I took what I wanted from the garden (with legal sanction) and potted them up.
There are three groups of pots like this. One group I took over to L Spa a few days ago but the removal people will not put plants in store so another load goes with me back to L Spa this evening and the third load I will try to persuade someone to have in their garden. I have stopped trying to work out what happens to me. I am thinking seriously of going to France! The Beaune Music Festival is on.

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