Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Genoa Day 3

This gives an idea of the multilayeredness of Genoa

And this is taken looking down from the same spot.

I walked round Genoa from 0900to 1620 today and do not feel bad. So I have recovered from the tummy bug. We saw several churches, two palaces and a cathedral. We had sometime off so I went to see a big exhibition of German Expressionism, with 135 works from Berlin. I won't say 'Eat your heart out, Rosie' because you must have seen them. Lots of Nolde. But as I said to someone who inquired as to whether they should go. 'Yes but it is not cheerful'

I spent a lot of time tracking down abookbinder's museum in the old city only to discover it has gone out of business. Bah!

Another palazzo entrance

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