Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pleated Scarf

The pleated scarf, done from double weave, has been warped up and here are the first few inches. Both yarns are  20/2 tencel from Just Our Yarns and are spaced dyed. To keep the scarf warp dominant, I am weaving in 3 and 1 broken twill and remembering to weave the lower cloth upside down! This is a two shuttle job, red with the red/green warp and eau-de-nil with yellow/brown warp. It is quite slow and managing the tension is difficult where the pleats occur. The crucial thing to remember is that, after weaving 2 cm of only the top cloth, to insert the other colour shuttle first before slacking off the tension on the top cloth. If you don't do that, all the top cloth warp threads are floating all over the place.
I have more or less decided to weave a section at each end with pleats and do a 'normal' double weave in the middle section but I cannot decide whether to keep the colours constant through the middle section or to do stripes. I think I shall do stripes which are 2.5 cm wide to continue the pleat dimensions.
I have also dealt with the Guild Christmas cards which are, this year, based on a specially made lino-cut. I am quite pleased with it, although assembling them took a very long time. No woven Christmas cards this year, I need too many.
There has been much more throwing out and the garage table is piled high with stuff to take to the Guild sales table. Off now to continue weaving pleated cloth. There is a lot of radio listening going on!

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