Sunday, 16 November 2014

Pleated Scarf

I have been warping up the Louet Kombo. It sat for four years with the same unwoven warp on it which is now finished as is the Aland Island length of fabric. But I have sold my Voyager. One woman cannot realistically use five looms at the same time. So I am now down  to three.
I started winding the warps for the Kombo on Friday and am now one third of the way through threading. The Kombo is, in theory portable but I added two extra warp beams to it which, if in use, make it very unportable and that is what I am doing at this moment. I did try out double weave pleating on the tail end of a single warp a few months back. It works but clearly needs two warp beams so that is what is going on now. Two skeins of Just Our Yarns 20/2 Tencel in  very different colour ways. One is yellow and orange, the other red/blue/ purple/green. This is going to be interesting. I should be finished the threading by Tuesday.
I went to a concert in Worcester Cathedral last night. Faure Requiem and Jonathan Dove's work of 2009 There Was a Child. Surprisingly large forces required for the Dove, large choir, slightly smaller childrens' choir, sizeable orchestra including two harps and a couple of soloists. Very good but the words were not clear throughout. That was not the choir failing but the way the work was written. The Faure, though beautifully sung, is not my cup of tea. I prefer someone like Victoria. Yes, I know he is centuries earlier but it is the same words.

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