Sunday, 30 May 2010

New Projects (3)

This blog is more for my benefit than anyone else's. I am conscious that the house has little heaps of things collected together. Each heap represents one project and not much is happening to any of the heaps. Well here they are.

W1) Weaving top on Margaret Roach Wheeler's warp on the Voyager. Not far off finished. Should be off the loom today. Give it a good wash. Make up this week
W2) There looks to be plenty of warp left to do some more samples. I made a mess of two of them. I think I found reading the treadle draft for the table loom difficult so I will put the two drafts on to Fibreworks and turn them into liftplans. Do today.
W3) Finishing warping Megado with handspun and weave this.
W4) Put devore project on Voyager when Margaret's warp comes off. I have dyed Tencel and merino skeins for this. So we are ready for off. I need to decided whether the warp is just wool or is wool and tencel. Must read Anen Field's book on this topic.
W5) And of course the Fan Reed. Being brutal about this project, I have no great enthusiasm for it. I have got the photos I want. Oh well. I ought to try to get it finished by June 12th when I talk to London Guild. You will note that it is lowest of the list of weaving projects.


S1) Do the buttonholes in my jacket which has been sitting upstairs since December. This counts as URGENT
S2) Draw up the master block for my dress as fitted in Gill Arnold's course.
S3) Then make up cotton material using that master pattern
S4) Draw up master block from jacket pattern on stiff paper. At the moment the master is on tissue paper which is looking tired.

B1) Finish Alice in Wonderland. This can be done at the class.
B2) Bind three Japanese books as samples using 3 and 4 hole techniques. These can wait until the table comes next week. The contents are all ready.
B3) Do something about birch bark. I may have some next week. Otherwise buy from Sweden. Kirsten kindly sent a Swedish website address which sells birch bark. But my sister says there are two birches down in her local woods and she has noticed bark lying about. She will collect today. This would be an opportunity to  practise flattening the bark.
B4) Take piece of sycamore into class and try to burn letters into wood so as to do title. Angela Sutton will have to be consulted.
B5) Distantly in the future. I have bought some paper from Velma Bolyard and have designed a Coptic binding for it. But the paper is not likely to arrive for another two weeks.

So Order is
W1,W2,W3, W4 until table appears then
S1, S2, S4, B2, S3

B3 is separate and can be done when it arrives. Reading up what to do, it need soaking in a bucket for several days first. That does not sound too onerous to do!!

I feel better already!

Added Later

If you are interested in copyright as it applies to textiles, you might be interested in this

Copyright in Fashion

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  1. I find the range and quality of your on-going projects inspiring, just enjoyed catching up with reading through several of your posts.

    I'm sorry the fan reed project has been hard going, the possibilities are so interesting.



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