Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Fan Reed (6)

This is the Fan Reed silk just off the loom. After washing and ironing, it was beautifully soft. This evening I have done the write-up for the Complex Weavers Fine Threads Group, printed 40 copies, cut up the cloth into 40 small samples and stuck them onto the printed sheets with archival tape. And parcelled them up.

I am not tying on again because the tension in the warp is quite good so I have done it with sticks and the sticks will be tied on. I also repaired a few errors in the warp. I found there were errors in sleying which I did not want to redo. So I added in threads and sorted out the right selvedge.

I must say that the quality of weaving is not up to standard. It is all too easy to lose a thread or two with the narrow sheds I have to work with. I estimate I have 2 metres or so of warp left and I MUST TRY HARDER!!!

The acid dye came today but I will not have time to do any dying until Thursday morning. Tomorrow afternoon I have the bookbinding class and, in the morning,  I shall call on a Magnolia watsonii in flower in a friend's garden! There will be photos here soon.

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