Thursday, 13 May 2010

My New Calladiums

Here are photos of my new calladiums, transported to me last weekend by Linda Scurr. The photos are not in scale with each other and one leaf (lower right) is all of 12 inches long. The red ones (upper right are at most four inches long. Two of last year's plants have made it through the winter. I see flower buds on the new plants. I have not seen any flowers yet so am looking forward to that.

Definitely inspiring and I must get on with my projected calladium leaf design in silk.

We have had visitors every night for the last ten days culminating in a surprise one last night. He came armed with the biggest box of chocolates I have ever seen!

There is a long list of jobs to be done, most of which require the washing machine. I have written a lot of letters and tidied/filed things away but have by no means finished the list. In fact as soon as one thing is done, I remember two more I must do. 

Tonight I am going to wind some skeins of Tencel to be dyed green at the weekend along with linen thread for the current Coptic book. I have signed up for a one-day course at the Tech on Orthodox book binding (Orthodox as in Greek Orthodox). This is  a bit like Coptic binding and should be fun. Also at yesterday's bookbinding class, the tutor showed me a method of getting a picture onto the front and back cover which I am sure will look excellent. So I have brought all the bits home and intend to do a trial run before next Wednesday. This is for 'Alice in Wonderland' which has been pressed and sewn together.

The only piece of textile work I have done is to design how my top made from Margaret Roach Wheeler's patterns will look and yes I do have enough warp.

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