Saturday, 26 December 2020

Boxing Day 2020

 Everyone agrees 2020 has been a very odd year. And I made a big discovery on Christmas Day. I am well again (Famous last words. Am I tempting fate here?) And the discovery all has to do with the Megado and weaving. I have taken off the two twill scarves I have completed in a fancy twill draft with point twill on 8 shafts.

On Christmas Eve, I wound a warp with the same number of ends and 5 m long, tied this on to the warp ends, got it wound on and now need to retie the treadles. On Christmas Day, I looked at the drafts I had already created for fancy twill and was not inspired, so created four more. General feeling of dissatisfaction. These are all very boring. Now the theme for the Guild`s exhibition in autumn 2021 is `The Sea` and I was vaguely wondering if I could use several  shades of blue with a fancy twill. On Christmas Day, I decided that there was no way I was going to do any more fancy twills after what is on the Schacht was been finished. And a thought came into my head. I wondered if a 4 colour double weave using shades of blue and a little green and black might not be more fun for the theme of the sea. The next thing was I found myself looking up my notes for a 4 colour double weave which was exhibited in Convergence 2010. A very nice draft using 17 colours (!) of 90/2 silk. Well I cannot see well enough for that sort of yarn these days so I have reorganised the draft to work with 8/2 cotton. I already have plenty of that and in shades of blue too. But I will get some more colours from Halls when I am ready to start on that project. It needs 32 shafts which means I have to clear the Megado of the 6 yards of curtain currently on the warp.  And at this point, I suddenly realised that I must be well. I am no longer frightened of the Megado! And I am looking forward to the challenge and 2021. By the way, I no longer have any of the silk, of which I had many cones. I gave it all to my niece, Cally Booker, when I realised I could no longer see well enough to thread up such a fine yarn. Shades of the days when I warped up with a140/2 silk. 

We are celebrating 2020 with all too much food, chocolates, fudge and ginger iced biscuits (a Christmas special by Dorothy). I wish you all a Happy Christmas and definitely a prosperous (= successful) New Year.

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