Sunday, 4 March 2018

No longer Snowed in

The snow has all gone and it is positively balmy. What a pity. I did enjoy being snowed in. Got a huge amount done. Including a major effort on the lap top. (Those of you who do not like reading about computers can stop reading now - unless you want your worst fears confirmed).

When I worked, I used Framemaker as my creator of reports. I have had it in umpteen versions since 1984 when WORD was trivial. Framemaker is a publisher's bible. It enables you to turn out a professional looking report/book and after all, as Michael kept saying, what I sold was reports. Well we got up to version 7.7 and I had it mounted on all computers (not the iPad) and used it for everything. When I retired and stopped writing hundred page reports, it was easier to go onto Word  as most people I corresponded with used that. But Framemaker was used for 'difficult things'. Well one day about two years ago, Windows took over my desktop one night and installed Windows 10 on top of Windows 7. I just went along with that, although cursing a bit. And after a couple of days, I wanted to use Framemaker - No good, Could not work with Windows 10. I looked up the cost of updating Framemaker and was horrified. Hundreds of pounds a year!! Fortunately I still have an elderly laptop with Windows 7 and Framemaker on it so that was good. Except that it is used to drive the Megado and it is not a very convenient place to do a lot of computer work but it was okay. Except that the laptop is very elderly indeed and I have had one or two nasty fits from it. So six months ago I took the decision that I must translate all the Framemaker files of importance before I was landed with having to buy a new laptop - with Windows 10 installed. And I started at 11 00 am yesterday. By midnight I was not finished. Today I started at 0700 hours and finished at 1500 hours having deleted over 8000 (yes eight thousand) files on the way. I was mentally zonked at the end and exhausted. But there it is - done and I feel very virtuous.

The other thing I did while the laptop was installed in the dining room was to try out a spare monitor on it. Well that was the idea but it never got started because it required very peculiar (old type) cables so I have ordered a new one.  May seem a bit odd but it has to do with it not being possible to get the laptop near the weaver on the Megado and a bigger screen would make life much easier.

And - - wait for it, I have bought another camera. Again not as mad as it sounds. We have a local facebook page for Burghfield where you can announce stuff you want rid of. This man was offering a Nikon D3100 which is an earlier version of my D3400. So why? Because he was offering two lenses with it which will fit on my Nikon. I have been looking at the costs of these for about a year and new they are hundreds of pounds and - -. But he offered the lot at an extremely advantageous price.  So we trudged through the snow and ice to collect the package before anyone else realised what a bargain the package was.

And I have done a lot of weaving. The snow has gone and tomorrow we will be back to normal which means I have to go out and buy some food. Come back Snow.

Added later

In carrying out the file cull, I had to read lots of stuff. I found myself wondering if I am not as experimental in weaving as I was ten years ago. I am worried. I think I might carry out one or two projects based on some old work. I feel an existential crisis coming on.

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