Thursday, 21 July 2016

A Burnished Halo

Every year about May, my accountant sends me a severe letter setting out his requirements for submitting my tax return and every year I let it fester for a month or two. This year I am away a lot so I heaved a sigh and set about it. Now last year I was moving house and boy have I left a trail of destruction. I do not seem to have told any lies to the tax man but money seems to have got to some strange places and I have to doing some phoning to ask questions. However all is well and I have posted the bundle of documents. I wonder how long it will be before a letter comes back asking questions like What does Para 4 mean? In the meantime I feel virtuous. 

I also taxed the car and called the garage to sort out the servicing. 

On the textile front, I designed a weaving using the dyed merino of lastSunday and wound all the skeins into balls so that I can wind aware this evening at a Textile gathering. So a bit of everything.

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