Thursday, 3 December 2015

Local Camera Club

There is a camera club in Burghfield Common which I have been attending. Usually 25-30 people are at each meeting which are held twice a month. One meeting is a lecture by a visitor and the other meeting is either a competition or a workshop on techniques. They hold four competitions a year. Considering myself a beginner, I did not enter for the first competition but when I heard the critique at the next meeting, I thought it would be worth entering just to get the critiques. So I entered three (the preferred number) as jpegs.

Marks were out of 10 and I got 9.5,10 and 8.5 making me the highest scorer in submissions as jpegs. As I have never entered a photographic competition in my life till now, I was very startled. In order from the top the photos were taken in Chichester harbour, Petworth Deer Park, and Mesa Verde. The caterpillar was a monster of about four inches long. I cannot get over this.
Life is progressing in the house. Most workmen have completed their tasks and gone and sent in an invoice which has been paid. Tomorrow a man comes to install a new loft ladder and on Monday several men appear to erect a garden shed. After that, we are done. I have done a spot more weaving and my frozen shoulder has been injected with a steroid and feels almost cured. I have started worrying about a submission to Convergence and am wondering if there is time available to warp up and weave 5 yards of material in time to arrive at Convergence by Jan 25th. I suspect not but I will try. The first time I entered, I wove more than 3 yards of fine silk (60 epi) in three days and was crippled for the next week or so. I have the yarn for this one and it will be about 20 epi so maybe it will be okay. The yardage entries are under the title `Ice Age` and I have created what I think is a really nice - and suitable - draft  for it.


  1. Congratulations on the photo scores! And on getting the house in order. Will we see some photos of it soon?

  2. It looks like you have an eye for composition. Great images. And will there be images of your new gardens?

  3. You do not want to see our new garden. We have stripped out 95% of what was there and had most of it dug over. Some bulbs and a few small plants are all that are to be seen. Except for my lovely new garden shed which arrived today. There may be something worth seeing in midsummer!!



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