Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Day of Designing

The weft ikat warp has been tied on and a header woven - all okay. And now I have nothing to do. So I went through my emails and found lots of things I had ignored/neglected/ failed to respond to and did all that was needed. I did bring some artwork and a note book with me and decided I would spend the day doing design. I had a great time,; it is not something I usually spend time on.  The best way of showing what I did is to show photos of my notebook.

The designs are inspired by Sonya de Launay's work and here is the particularly design I started with. I turned the design through 90 degrees and the Photoshop version is shown below. This was an attempt to use approximately the colours as in the original. But the lack of colour variation makes this look poor.
On the right are lots of different colourways. These were the most successful - all done in Photoshop CS5. On the left is a single unit translated into 2:1 Lampas with twill infill. The colours I like best are the two halfway down the page.

A second variation of the block diagram is shown on the right with several units of the lampas weave on the left. The colours do not show up well.
I have a book of Sonya de Launay's designs and I have already selected the one for tomorrow's trials.

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