Sunday, 17 May 2015

Looking Around

I am conscious all the time that these are my last few weeks in Malvern. Apart from my own garden, the hills are in late spring and lots of shades of green show.
 My house faces onto Malvern Wells Common and is about straight through the tree on the left. The clutch of houses on the hills is at Wyche Cutting, a mediaeval road over the lowest point of the hills which is the Salt Road from Droitwich (salt since Roman times) into  Wales. It is also a Drover's Road. Cattle from Wales were brought into England for sale.
Another view of the Malvern Hills. We are already 600 or 600 foot up.
Yesterday I started on the Megado again. It must be a lot of weeks since I last touched it and time has not made it any less difficult. In fact something has happened which has never happened before. A clothes moth has eaten a hole in the warp. I am horrified. And I have six threads to repair. Several times it has occurred to me to cut my losses and give up on this warp but I have invested a lot of time in it. So 'ONWARDS' is the cry today. I still reserve the right to cut it off if it proves too awful to weave. 


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